No, We Haven’t Been Ransacked

Do you remember in July when I redecorated my homeschool room?

Did you soak in the cleanliness of the floor…..

 photo 20140724_145924_zpsh1na0n4a.jpg

….and the tidiness of the desks??

 photo 20140724_145906_zps1e7jghq6.jpg

(The full trash would explain the clean desks)

I hope so.

Because this is what the room currently looks like.

You may think we’ve been ransacked….

 photo 20141007_231255_zpsxfnwodep.jpg

… would be wrong.

 photo 20141007_231245_zpsfih8rzgi.jpg

Unless you take into account the savages living in my home.

 photo 20141007_231309_zpsbi5aysay.jpg

(Forgive the picture quality.  It is nighttime, and there is poor lighting in the room.  And also I am not a photographer.)  

This is real life.

This is not what makes my Facebook feed.

This is not what women drool over on Pinterest.

This is not what makes it in the family Christmas letter.

But this…..this is so much more.

This is where my oldest son learned how to make a verb past tense today.

This is where my daughter learned to tell time this morning.

This is where my four kids watched a movie with Brett tonight while I was out to dinner with a friend.

This is where my middle son looked through a book about sharks while the sun shone in on him in the late afternoon.

This is where my baby (who is not a baby but I will always refer to as my baby) drew on the wall for the millionth time….and didn’t even get in trouble for it because babies get away with everything.

This is where I blogged about potty training to hopefully help a mom who is so tired of changing wet underpants.

This is where masterpieces were created by my little artists.

This is where I wrote a check to pay for shirts for our gym’s new barbell club.

This is where two of my sons made beaded bracelets today.  Not because they wanted to make beaded bracelets but because they wanted to annoy their sister (to whom the beads belong).  Mission: accomplished, in case you’re wondering.

This is where I sat (blogging) while Caleb and Chloe played ding dong ditch over and over and over because they think it’s the greatest game ever invented.  Levi slept through all 4,387 doorbell rings because he’s learned to sleep through the chaos.  And Luke ignored them because, being an introvert, he’s done with people by about 4 pm.

This is what happened just today.  In just this ransacked room.
Perhaps life is most beautiful at its messiest.


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