Instagram is perfect.

It allows me to capture cool pictures and crop out and filter the parts of my life that aren’t so…precious.

From the looks of my Instagram feed, I make raising kids look pretty great and pretty clean.  There is no photographic evidence of my children fighting.  I don’t capture the ugly moments where I lose my mind.  I don’t post a shot of the chicken nuggets and ranch dressing my kids are eating for dinner.  For the third night in a row.

Raising kids is the greatest, most awesome, most fun thing I’ve ever done in my life.  I adore my kids more than I could ever express.  They are hilarious, and we have lots of great moments.

But not every moment is great.  It’s easy to browse through Instagram, see everyone’s filtered life, and rehearse the ways in which you don’t measure up.

So I thought I would give you a glimpse of what my life looks like when it’s unfiltered and uncropped. Let’s call it InstaReal.  (None of these photos have been staged or altered.)

Let’s start with the master bedroom.
We all know this space is supposed to be peaceful and dreamy…a little slice of heaven in an otherwise chaotic home.
 photo IMG_20150305_152425_zpsg8vg8vni.jpg
I really think we’re accomplishing that.

Organization is the key to keeping a house of six running smoothly.
Using a basket to hold diapers is a super cute way to keep them in a functional place yet hidden away from sight.
 photo IMG_20150305_155417_zpslyhfy2q1.jpg

Because if anyone knows anything about keeping stuff out of sight in the living room, it’s me.
 photo IMG_20150305_151225_zps4gdovxl1.jpg
Those aren’t Infinity characters; they’re my really small house guests eating Goldfish (don’t worry, organic friends, I only feed my small guests Goldfish. I read your Facebook post; I’m obviously not feeding these deadly orange things to my kids.)

I’m also not drinking Diet Coke. I mean, I am. Even though you think it’s gonna kill me. The alternative is I kill my kids. And we really don’t want that.
 photo IMG_20150305_151328_zpssjxqp0hi.jpg

(Organic friends, you know I love you.)

Never to worry: we balance out all that junk food with yoga.
 photo IMG_20150305_153454_zpsnfpy419r.jpg

I also grow my own herbs.
 photo IMG_20150305_152816_zpsqzbdjztj.jpg
It’ll be easy, they said.

While we’re outside, let’s check out everything I have to offer.

A grill cover is the perfect idea to protect your grill and prolong its use.
 photo IMG_20150305_152907_zpsoilvgtwm.jpg

And I know a lot about prolonging the use of things.
 photo IMG_20150305_152946_zpsztwblshw.jpg
The stains really add character, don’t ya think?

Protecting my kids is my utmost priority. Keeping stagnant, dirty water is a great way to do this.
 photo IMG_20150305_153020_zpscm6gm66k.jpg

There is an entire garage dedicated to holding these items. But why bother??
 photo IMG_20150305_152738_zps1tbauzhj.jpg
Those chips are totally organic. Don’t worry.

I once got the bright idea that I could change a flat tire on my kid’s bike. It went really well.
 photo IMG_20150305_153325_zpsorl8gps2.jpg
It’s only been this way for four months. Whatevs.

Consistency is another crucial part of running a smooth household. Which is why I keep my car as clean as my house.
 photo IMG_20150305_153156_zpsk0x63d3b.jpg

I hope you won’t be jealous, but we actually found a hipster car seat.
 photo IMG_20150305_153236_zpsry3zterk.jpg

This used to hold a cute little birdbath. Until I attempted to use a basketball to get a frisbee off the roof.
 photo IMG_20150305_154751_zpscbbrwwuk.jpg
You can use your imagination for how well that turned out.

I’ve watched enough crime dramas to know I don’t want to be murdered by a florist WHO ISN’T ACTUALLY A FLORIST, so I kindly ask serial killers not to solicit.
 photo IMG_20150305_154848_zpsfapt88zu.jpg
Also my husband can’t tell salespeople no, so this is really for his benefit. Me not getting murdered is also for his benefit.

Oh look, an unflushed toilet with the seat up. That’s a shocker.
 photo IMG_20150305_151632_zpsing0ff66.jpg
Yeah, I went there.

It’s weird, but I am actually the only person capable of changing this in my house.
 photo IMG_20150305_151722_zpso2yqftfx.jpg
I guess it requires a superpower only I possess??

This could be a murder scene (that dang serial killer florist didn’t obey my sign) or it may be a toddler who found some lipstick. One can never be sure.
 photo IMG_20150305_155117_zpsflheacjv.jpg

Down the hall from the bathroom are my beautiful kids rooms.
You must step over some laundry to get there because…well because no one actually knows what that hamper in their room is for.
 photo IMG_20150305_151804_zpsi99rtr8n.jpg

Like I said, safety first. These seems like a safe place to store a wooden beam.
 photo IMG_20150305_151953_zpsgywnwrnl.jpg

This girl isn’t even a teen yet. I wonder what I have to look forward to.
 photo IMG_20150305_152101_zpsbircpdoh.jpg
(Cuteness alert: the green basket on the right is a gift Chloe made to give her sister when we adopt her. A process we haven’t actually started.)

This is what you call a child who is annoyed with his little siblings.  Who also doesn’t ever wear matching clothes.
 photo IMG_20150305_152140_zpsek8ug68i.jpg
That’s a ten year old PSP that doesn’t work that we’re charging in the background. Good use of power, I’d say.

The best kind of pet to own is a hermit crab.
 photo IMG_20150305_152219_zpstnlixarh.jpg
That my kids may or may not remember to feed.

Walk-in closets are a great addition to any house. Whether or not you can actually walk in them is irrelevant.
 photo IMG_20150305_152337_zpsybqduf0a.jpg

Our school room is a delightful place where quality education takes place.
 photo IMG_20150305_153536_zpsbdxspbqj.jpg

As president of the Child Detection Agency (I got elected because my house is so safe for young children), I detect a child has been here.
 photo IMG_20150305_152632_zpswduom3yg.jpg

And to finish out this tour of my house, you should check out the amazing laminate floors we had installed. These unique floors come with a spattering of googly eyes. These are especially perfect if you have young children in your home.
 photo IMG_20150305_155734_zpshsxcvlzo.jpg

There is no shame in only posting highlights of your life on Instagram.  I endure enough messes and enough sibling fighting without having to see yours.  I love clicking over to IG and seeing cute pictures of kids, snapshots of fun nights out, delicious looking food, and gorgeous sunsets.

But as you’re scrolling through the best of people’s days, be kind to yourself.  We all have ugly parts of our life we don’t want anyone to see and think no one else struggles with.  You’re just looking at the unfiltered version of yourself.  You are not alone.  And you are not the only one with a house full of crazy and an emotional tank running on empty.

But you are still the best mama there is for your kids.  And you’re doing a much better job than you think.

5 thoughts on “IntsaReal

  1. Oh how I love this! I have thought the very same thing as I’m cropping out the messes (aka evidence of happy children). You brave and awesome Mama, some of the best moments are the imperfect, messy, and chaotic! You’ve truly highlighted that and I am in awe, thanks for posting and yes I’ll now be following you 🙂


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