Speaking at Moms On A Mission (Making Motherhood Harder Than It Has To Be)

Usually, I sit behind a computer and type words about motherhood. Earlier this month, however, I had the privilege to speak at a moms group called Moms On A Mission.

Click here to check out the audio.
Scroll down to Happy Homes by Sarah Williams
 photo moms3_zpsibuat28u.jpg

Don’t you think my double chin is hot?? Thanks, kids.

 photo mom1_zpspj468tvt.jpg

(My belt is messed up because of the wireless microphone I was wearing. There were technical difficulties with it…which is why the audio starts at a weird place…so I used a handheld mic. I did not realize the wireless mic pulled my belt funny until I saw the pics. My attempts to be halfway stylish and wear a maxi dress were thwarted by technology. Dang it.)

When writing, I aim to appeal to all moms. Raising children is a calling and job that unites moms of any background, religion, etc. Though our experiences are all different, we have all a common goal of loving our kids well and raising them as best as we can. I don’t usually talk specifically about my faith. I value my faith immensely, but what I normally write about applies to (hopefully) all moms…so I don’t feel the need to weave it in. I know that each individual mom will translate what I write into her own life context.

 photo moms2_zpso34pzysy.jpg

In this audio segment, I am speaking at a church, so I share a lot about my faith. Even if you are of a different faith, I think you will find what I share valuable.

Take a listen and tell me what you think!

How have you made motherhood harder than it has to be??

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