Lighten Up!

Brett bought a lot of our furniture before we were even dating. He invested in high quality furniture, which was wise because it lasts forever.

He bought the furniture when we lived in the Midwest, so it’s very heavy, dark furniture. In the years since, I’ve filled in the rest of our home to coordinate with it all (with much cheaper furniture).

The downside of furniture that lasts forever is that it lasts forever. Our bedroom set looks like we bought it yesterday (sans the dust), and it’s over twelve years old. I am grateful it’s lasted, but the heaviness of our furniture is such a mismatch for Florida. It annoys me, yet it would be unwise to replace it because of the quality.

I have been on a quest to lighten the feel of my home. I have never had many decor accessories, but I’ve pared those down even more. It’s helped.

But my homeschool room has felt so heavy. We spend a lot of time in this room, so I want it to be appealing. I have tables from Ikea that I like because they’re versatile. Sometimes I put them in a square. Sometimes I separate the tables. They suit my addiction to rearranging furniture well.

For a few years, I’ve had little shelves supporting the tables.

 photo 7A660692-5C2D-43AA-9C0C-57083C16D97B_zpss0jhuujt.jpg

 photo AD11FA3E-0E20-4C97-B616-2E15F39DC7A0_zpsd2amr08b.jpg

I originally bought them because I thought they would be useful for storing items. But in true Ikea form, they’re an awkward size and shape…so they’ve become shelves where crafts go to die.

Ikea sells table legs for super cheap, so I decided they would be a better fit for this room!

I felt like such a homeschooler because I used this project to teach Caleb how to use a drill.

 photo 2B3494C5-1CD6-470F-B89C-E9FB8599066D_zpsawlbqrn3.jpg

I am so happy with the results. The table legs look much better, and it definitely lightens the room!!
 photo 759D9A3D-38E7-4080-9209-7E284372585D_zps2qq2ejyu.jpg

The black color is not my favorite, but it coordinates with the rest of my house…so for now, it stays.
 photo 3B12E12B-D116-4614-A43A-101F9B43B3D7_zpstsy4dq9n.jpg

The best part of all, according to Caleb: my kids can now build epic blanket forts with the newfound space under the table (the shelves took up a lot of room).

That’s a win-win.

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