Kids’ Bathroom Update

My house was built in 1979 and has never been updated. When purchasing our home, we had to choose between more space or a more updated home. We chose space (which is still small, compared to many American homes with four kids), knowing we could easily change cosmetic issues.

The ability to “easily change cosmetic issues” is very much on the back burner. Mostly because my kids like to eat. And I don’t have $50,000 laying around.

The outdatedness used to bother me. But then I purposely changed my attitude and chose to be grateful for having a cozy home that I love. And I do love my home. So much. Even with all its imperfections (and there are many).

Since a big renovation is wayyyyyy down the road, I try to make small changes to improve my spaces.

This summer, I’ve challenged myself to make updates to my house without spending any money. And I’ve made some really fun changes!

I’ve rearranged furniture. I’ve rearranged wall decor. I’ve enlarged my carbon footprint with the amount of spray paint I’ve used.

About a year and a half ago, I updated my laundry room. I had paint left over from that project and decided to use it to update my kids’ bathroom this past weekend. I did the inverse of my laundry room: I painted the walls dark gray and the cabinets light gray.

This is one of the only rooms we did not paint when we moved in, so this paint color was from the original owners.

The lovely before pictures:
 photo 8857E746-F16E-4FB5-A5E2-FA397CFED580_zps8mymnsre.jpg

 photo 1366EBCE-628D-4E8C-843C-4795E9CF4515_zpsjwz0jrvx.jpg

So much yellow. Blah! I recently took a Facebook test that revealed that my brain sees color in such a way that I dislike yellow. And it’s true! I have never liked the color yellow. 
 photo 1AE7D217-D99A-408C-94E6-5010DD102C8A_zpse5z91pkz.jpg

It is hard to see the accurate color of the walls. It was basically a green color with a yellow tone. 
 photo 68EFC536-44D9-4147-883C-9330995D0DBE_zpsflz1ynlz.jpg

 photo A114FC59-1498-4C6B-95B2-7E000A149B78_zpsh5zmv389.jpg

Levi did not like being ignored while I took these pictures! Hence, the face.
 photo 7283705C-59A6-45DD-A4BD-F2D53B4CB5A7_zpswdhnkaum.jpg

As you can see, the bathroom isn’t terrible. Given that my house was built in the late 70’s, it could have been way worse.

So I didn’t hate it, but I knew I could improve it without spending much money! So….

After a fresh coat of paint on the walls and cabinets…The After…
 photo 0C6BCE7F-BB60-46AB-8394-3267D8DCCAC3_zpspq8dsuda.jpg
The walls look really dark. They are dark gray but not as dark as they look.

 photo 72F99BCD-620D-4287-BFDD-C7FE264BCCC9_zpswhqiobwi.jpg

The cabinets are a lighter grey. The lighting in my bathroom is bad, so it’s hard to truly see what they look like.
 photo 7229E84A-E53F-4776-8798-60CF0BB1064D_zpsmyqumcew.jpg

I bought a new shower curtain because:
1. The original one was blah and had some stains on it.
2. I saw this at Ikea, and it had both the yellow of the toilet/tub/sinks AND the gray of the walls. Decorating perfection if you ask me! How could I not buy it?
3. With the dark walls, I wanted the shower curtain to POP (as my mom would say). 
 photo 77A80021-2773-40C7-BF11-20E3DF665D14_zpsdignego2.jpg
Chloe asked if I bought the shower curtain just for her, because in her words, “It’s so pretty!”

 photo 389A0E6C-4FB1-43B5-A4B5-B0A03F574048_zpsxoeie7ib.jpg

I don’t have decor on the walls yet because I am not sure what I want. And I did not want to spend money on that yet. I want something unique and fun, so I will wait until I am inspired. (So deep for a room that my boys pee all over. You know I couldn’t do an entire bathroom post without some potty humor.) 
 photo 1A234CFC-66FD-4CF4-BA13-B7618D14C4C0_zpsfpixhxby.jpg

My sister-in-law shared the best DIY trick ever with me. Home improvement stores sell a product called Gripper. It’s a primer, but it allows you to paint on surfaces that have previously been deemed impossible (i.e. cheap laminate cabinets).  
 photo 271227DD-EB13-4EFC-9523-4985D99D5829_zpsau8t6xlx.jpg

This is a better picture of the color of the cabinets. Those are the original drawer/cabinet pulls, and I LOVE them. They’re so vintagey looking! I love having decor that no one else has, and these pulls are just that. I did paint them. 
 photo 0A28E772-0A6D-42DE-AB76-A2792CA001D0_zpsbrhlhucy.jpg

This bathroom is not a show stopper, and there is only so much I can do with all of the yellow. But it is a definite improvement, and I am so happy with how it came out! I am always amazed at what a fresh coat of paint can do for a space.

Total cost:
$14.99 shower curtain
$1.99 shower liner
$3.49 painters tape (I was out!)

Total price: about $20

Any inspiring ideas for what I should put on the walls?!?

2 thoughts on “Kids’ Bathroom Update

  1. Love this Sarah!
    It looks pretty awesome!
    Price is right too.
    The shower curtain looks fab with those colors.
    We like you are low budget DIYers here too.
    I framed kid art for their bathroom and added some pretty hooks from home goods for bathing suits and wet towels.


  2. Hi, Sarah. I enlarged pics of my daughter & Kevin’s two children when they were small–in the bathtub, at the creek, etc. I used a Sepia tone & matted them with a color complimentary to my walls. They turned out GREAT. My walls were unique for sure! I’d think black/white or grayscale photos would be perfect for you.


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