A Note About Your Weird Kid

Chloe found this in a box yesterday:
 photo C8F6E385-54FF-4CCB-AB18-8DED25B37206_zpsjh8ywk7z.jpg

I gave it to Brett for Father’s Day in 2008.

Chloe, of course, thought it was so cute and asked if she could keep it.

She noticed that Caleb’s handprint is not on the picture.

And it brought back a memory that Chloe and I had a good laugh about…but at the time was no laughing matter.

As a toddler, Caleb hated getting dirty. He couldn’t stand sticky hands. He wouldn’t play in grass. He hated the beach.

And I was worried I had given birth to the weird kid.

I honestly was freaked out that he would never be able to play sports…or enjoy life…or be normal.

It is a funny memory now because he has turned out just fine. He loves sports. He enjoys life. He is always dirty.

This is the thing: kids are weird. They just are. And I mean that in the nicest way possible.

But you know what? Adults are weird. I wish I meant this in the nicest way possible. But in a world where Bronies exist, I can’t always be nice.

I spent a lot of time fretting over Caleb’s disdain of dirty hands and grass. And it has proven to be a non-issue.

At every stage of life with every kid, they do something weird that makes me nervous for their future.

It doesn’t help that I homeschool, and the general bias already expects my kids and me to be weird.

But they just kinda are. All kids are.

I found a used Band-Aid collection in one of my kid’s bedrooms last week.
One of my kids can’t stand the sight of armpits and is offended by tank tops.
Another kid once declared boogers a delicious food.

I could go on forever, but I would prefer to stop grossing you out.

It’s easy(ish) to laugh at kids’ weirdness when they’re older…you can see that 95% of their personality is acceptable in society…and can kinda agree that armpits are offensive.

But remembering back to Caleb as a toddler and him screaming when I tried to put his hand in paint…I was legitimately concerned at the time.

And I was sure I had somehow ruined him.

But I didn’t. And it gave Chloe and I a good laugh this week.

Mamas who are struggling with your kid’s weirdness (whether (s)he’s a toddler or a teen or somewhere in between), take heart: all kids are weird. Just in different ways.

Like much of life, kids save their weirdest moments for their mom. So you probably think it’s much worse than it is.

But they’ll be fine. You’ll be fine.

All kids do weird things and go through weird phases.

One day, when your child is (mostly) normal and not doing the weird thing anymore, you will laugh that you were ever worried.

Unless they grow up to be Bronies. That, my friends, is no laughing matter.

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