Popcorn Ceilings Won’t Kill You (And Other Observations On My Outdated House)

When we bought our house four years ago, our budget allowed for us to either have more space or more updates.

We chose extra space with the thought that we could eventually update our home.

“Eventually” has pretty much become a pipe dream. Unless HGTV busts through my doors, we will be living in our very 80’s outdated home for the foreseeable future.

On the Myers-Briggs personality scale, I am a strong “S”, which (in short) means that an aesthetically-pleasing home matters to me.

Which is a problem because apparently the brains of designers in the 80’s lacked this function.

Interior design is not something that comes naturally to me, but I have been able to make my house a home…and have tried hard to make my charming 80’s home as pretty as possible.

For several years, I dreamed of what renovations I would make to my house. I would draw out floor plans. I would search Pinterest. I would watch HGTV like it was my job. I would loathe my empty bank account.

When I looked at my home, I only saw the ugly. There is a lot of ugly (think drop ceilings, sunken living room, matching tile throughout), so this was not hard.

But one day something changed.

I decided that I was going to choose contentment. I would accept that a complete home reno is not in my near future. I would choose to see the beauty in my home and be thankful for what my home provided.

It’s always easier to see the ugly, but there is always beauty in the midst.

In the midst of an outdated kitchen, I chose to see a stove that cooked meals for my family…the table we gather around to laugh and connect…the fridge full of food…it turns out my kitchen wasn’t so bad after.

Once I stopped complaining about my own lack, I noticed that it is a privilege to have a home that provides warmth in the winter and a cool reprieve in the summer…a privilege many moms around the world could only dream of. I became thankful for a safe home to raise my children. We have clean drinking water and comfortable beds.

In choosing to see the true beauty in my home, I became thankful for so many things that money can’t buy…and became content with the ugly things that money could fix if only my children didn’t need to eat.

And do you want to know something crazy??

Popcorn ceilings won’t kill you.
I know, I know…HGTV says otherwise…but I am living proof that you actually can move into a house with popcorn ceilings and you won’t die. Amazing, I know.

Contentment is a funny thing. Between spending a lot of time minimizing my possessions and accepting the current state of my house, I was feeling pretty proud of myself and my perspective on stuff.

And then my already ugly drop ceiling in my kitchen broke today. One of the tiles fell out and busted.
 photo AB147AD6-5905-4563-8139-BD778505E225_zps9dtiumz8.jpg

 photo F9D50D07-F384-409C-B86B-B787CFB837F0_zpsbizbfxww.jpg

Which resulted in having to take it down completely. I am not sure which way looks worse.
 photo 6904C3A8-0AD5-4BDC-8768-06ECEDC9D423_zpsea9trxrw.jpg

With Christmas on the horizon and some upcoming business expenses, fixing this is…you guessed it…not in our near future.

And so I get to choose to be content. Again.

As with many aesthetically displeasing parts of my house, I will stop noticing it in a few weeks and come to accept it as a quirky part of my 80’s charmer.

This drop ceiling has a funny backstory. Right after we bought our house, Brett was out to dinner with his guy friends. I decided to see how it would look if I removed the part that ended up breaking today.

To be honest, it was tragic either way…so it was picking between the lesser of two evils. Well, that was my opinion, at least. Brett, who has approximately zero interest in the design of our home, did not appreciate my little attempted DIY.

So we decided to put the tiles back in the ceiling. And it may or may not have taken about three hours. And Brett may or may not have appreciated this task.

Let’s just say the ceiling has been a little bit of a contentious topic.

This was the first and only time Brett has complained about one of my many failed house projects, so I knew it best to leave it alone. Because of that, I literally have not touched the ceiling ever again. Our three-hour repair job was indicative of how hard it was to fix, so I knew the ceiling was a bit precarious.

When the ceiling took it’s final bow today…after thirty-six years of service…I discovered two of the three lights had burned out.

In choosing to see the upside to the situation, I can literally see so much better now!

In all of life, it’s much easier to focus on the ugly. But when you choose to see the beauty, it’s always there. In people. In homes. In circumstances.

A change of perspective can change everything.

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