Summer Rules For The World’s Okayest Mom

1. Make a bucket list with all of the super fun things you should do this summer.
2. Throw it away.
3. Give yourself a high-five for accomplishing something today.
4. Order a case of wine. You’re gonna need it.
5. Cake for breakfast totally counts.
6. An extra hour (or six) of TV never killed anyone.
7. Setting an alarm is a no.
8. Swimming counts as bathing when you need it to.
9. As does running through the sprinkler.
10. Play outside until the sun goes down.
11. Refuse to feel guilty for being the mom who forgot sunscreen.
12. Say yes to the blanket fort.
13. And use whatever bribery necessary to convince your kids to live in the fort while you catch up on The Bachelorette.
14. Stop and say a quick prayer that you don’t raise a Chad.
15. Swimsuits are perfectly acceptable dinner attire when you haven’t done laundry since May.
16. Ice cream for dinner totally counts.
17. Celebrate the realization that it’s too late to be beach-body ready this summer by eating a sleeve of Oreo’s.
18. Pretend to care about the summer reading log.
19. Give up after five minutes.
20. Tell yourself that you never completed summer reading, and you turned out just fine(ish).
21. Feel better about your average parenting when you remember the lack of supervision all of us had in the 80-90’s.
22. Brushing kids’ teeth becomes a suggestion by July.
23. Ordering pizza is always the answer for “what’s for dinner?”
24. Capri Suns with added vegetables are practically steamed kale.
25. Watch a movie on a rainy Tuesday afternoon.
26. Google the best kids’ jokes and belly laugh with your kids.
27. Say yes a little more.
28. Stay at the pool a little longer.
29. Go to bed a little later.
30. Rules and boundaries are great for September through May. Summer is for fun and relaxation. Chill out. Stop trying so hard to make summer perfect. Enjoy your kids. You can always fix what’s left undone. The best summer memories are those that require the least amount of effort: popsicles at dusk, fireworks on the 4th, and collapsing into bed after playing outside all day.


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