My Evolution of Fashion (AND a LuLaRoe Giveaway!!)

Fashion is not something that comes naturally to me.
I am not great with clothes. I’ve worn generally the same make-up since high school. And my hair is…long? That’s about the only adjective I have.

I don’t even know how I got a boyfriend in college, much less a husband, because I was not good at anything that guys tend to notice. My very cutest shirt back then was a Gap Favorite T. As in the very boring, basic cotton shirt. I had one in every color. I wore sweatpants in public, on the regular. The rest of my closet pretty much came from Goodwill. I wasn’t even broke; I just overvalued comfort, apparently. My sister may or may not have wondered aloud many times why I dressed so stupidly and suggested that possibly my horrifying fashion choices may be the reason I couldn’t get a date. So no one was more surprised than her that I eventually landed a boyfriend.

A boyfriend who happened to have a job in a little place called the National Football League. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. The NFL is known for many things…wearing unfortunate clothes is not among them.

So when my boyfriend-turned-fiance invited me to a team event, to say I had no idea what to wear would be the understatement of the decade. I inherently knew my Gap Favorite T wasn’t exactly the look his teammates’ wives would be rocking.

Because I was still in college (and also because it’s my favorite store), I went to TJ Maxx and dropped some cash on the cutest outfit I could find. I knew I wasn’t a trophy wife, but at least I could be a participation ribbon.

When my man picked me up for the event, he noticeably gasped. The smile on his face told me that I had made a good decision. And I can only imagine his relief when I looked presentable, rather than what he had come to expect of me (which was a college student who looked as if I had just rolled out of bed). (Because I had just rolled out of bed, usually.) I remember thinking that it did not take much more effort to look cute than it did to wear sweatpants and a Goodwill shirt, yet I felt a so much better about myself.

Much to my sister’s delight, I prohibited myself from buying another basic cotton shirt for a full year. If I were going to buy clothing, it had to be something cute. That was my new rule. I wasn’t fashion forward, but I was no longer a tragedy either.

Fast forward, I got married. I had a couple of kids. My body changed. I was exhausted. Cute clothes felt like a waste of time when I was covered in spit-up and wiping booties. Yoga pants and t-shirts became my official mom uniform.

My horrifying college wardrobe set the fashion bar quite low. I never thought it could get worse. I was wrong. Motherhood had gotten the best of me. The only pieces of jewelry I owned were Christmas gifts from my husband’s sweet grandma who could never understand how I could leave the house without earrings on. And my clothes were…sad and boring.

As I was nursing my baby girl one afternoon, I turned on the TV. Oprah was featuring a group of Frumpy Moms who wanted to improve themselves.

(This obviously isn’t Oprah. But the message remains the same.)
(I sadly cannot find the actual episode.)

I believe it was Tim Gunn who offered easy tips to transform these moms from frumpy to fabulous.

The tips were truly so easy that I decided to transform myself. I followed his every rule, and for the first time since becoming a mom, I started to feel normal again.

I understood, once again, that it’s not that much harder to dress cute…but it makes you feel so much better. I reinstated my original fashion rule and did not buy a cotton shirt or comfy pants for an entire year.

Over the years, as I have added a couple more kids and have *somewhat* aged, I am finding, more than ever, the value in feeling good about myself. The great part about getting older is that I like myself on the inside more and more, and I don’t see any problem with reflecting that on the outside.

It feels good to feel good. And though it does not come naturally to me and I will never be so on trend, my fashion has definitely improved. I can now attend social functions without being terrified of my closet. I have cute jewelry to accessorize any outfit. Sweatpants are still enjoyed, just in the comfort of my own home. My make-up and hair…well, I am a still a work in progress.

I still don’t dress cute everyday. I am home with my four kids all day and constantly cleaning, so around the house, I dress comfy. But when I go out with friends or on a date with my husband, I like to leave my mom role behind and feel good about myself.

In the weeks to come, I plan to highlight some of my favorite places to shop…if you’re a frumpy mom looking for a boost, a fashionable chic who loves all things cute, or anywhere in between…I think you will find something new and fun!

One of the hottest growing companies right now is LuLaRoe. And when my friend Elizabeth offered for me to try LuLaRoe, I was all about it! So many of my friends are obsessed with LLR, and I couldn’t wait to see what the hype was about.

The thing that stood out to me most about these pieces is the versatility. The Cassie skirt and Classic T are comfortable AND stylish. My fashion goals, if you will. This outfit begs the question, “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEEN ALL MY LIFE, CASSIE?” (Note: you must join Elizabeth’s FB group to see the clothing.)

Working moms, you will look fab at your job then transition easily to carpool lines and sporting events. No need for a quick change in the car!
 photo sarah2_zps2dakqckh.jpg
I will be honest. I was not hopeful about this skirt. I have some junk in my trunk, if you know what I mean, and I have a history of skirts not flattering me at all. I was VERY pleasantly surprised to learn that this skirt, in some magical way, fits well. LuLaRoe is known for fitting in a flattering way that other clothes just don’t.

Paired with a sassy pair of earrings, this outfit also transitions well to a night out with your girlfriends or a date night with your husband!
 photo sarah4_zpskvg5ko8o.jpg

I cannot say it enough: I am so impressed with how versatile LuLaRoe clothing is. As a person who still tends to overvalue comfort (at the risk of being a fashion emergency), discovering that LLR clothing allows you to be cute and comfortable is pretty much the best thing ever. I wish this clothing line was around when I was having babies…when nothing seemed to fit my ever-changing body very well.

The other thing that I appreciate about LuLaRoe is how drastically it has improved the mom uniform. These leggings that “feel like butter” paired with an Irma tunic are a much welcomed upgrade from my worn out yoga pants! And once again, the versatility is so great!
 photo sarah3_zpswlw5ladf.jpg

This LuLaRoe combo is easy to wear around the house and looks put together when you need to run a quick errand or go to soccer practice.
 photo sarah 1_zpssuq5ntsy.jpg

The Irma looks great with leggings and also pairs well with jeans for a great Fall look.
 photo sarah 7_zpshsh1icse.jpg

Now that you know of the gloriousness that is LuLaRoe, how about a chance to win a free pair of leggings??!!!

It’s so easy! There are many ways to win!
Click over to and “Like” Elizabeth’s Facebook Page (5 entries)

Optional, for more chances to win: 
Post a comment, telling her your favorite LuLaRoe piece (5 entries)
Share this blog and tag three friends (10 entries)
Set up an online pop-up party with Elizabeth (20 entries)

I will draw one winner on Thursday, September 1.
Elizabeth will send the winner a free pair of LuLaRoe leggings!!

Shop her site today! You will be glad you did.

Photo credit: Rosa Puente

Featured jewelry:
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Emebet Necklace
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3 thoughts on “My Evolution of Fashion (AND a LuLaRoe Giveaway!!)

  1. FUN!!!!! I have a friend who recently started selling LLR and I had a pop up boutique a month or so ago…I bought a Cassie and an Irma. I can’t wait to buy a few more things. I too was nervous about the Cassie because “um, hello….I don’t do fitted skirts”, but I went one size up and love how it fits.


  2. This is so funny to me because I remember you in high school as THE COOLEST girl. Basically my idol. You were always wearing some cool sweater you got on vacation in Canada in your red convertible. I vividly remember a blue and red sweater (from Canada) that you wore in Mrs. Wheery’s advanced geometry (why I was in advanced geometry, I have no idea because I’m terrible at math). 🙂


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