Welcome! I am glad you’re here. When I made this site, I had a family of six. A surprise baby girl later, we are now a family of seven, but I am too tired to change the name.

The Internet is so noisy, and there are so many blogs to read. I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read my words.

When I started this blog, I made one promise to myself: tell the truth. In a social media world where everyone presents the best versions of themselves, I want to be an authentic breath of fresh air.

I have been married for fourteen years to the funniest man on the planet. The degree to which I adore him would gross you out. We are baby making machines and had four kids in six years. A fact that offends about 40% of strangers I encounter. (Editors note: in year 12, we added a 5th child. By the time she graduates from high school, we will have been parenting for THIRTY YEARS.)

These four five children that we made are the best part of my days. I am obsessed with them.

I will not apologize for how much I like them. But I will not hide how hard they are to raise. Their decibel level would astound you. And their ability to turn any moment into a wrestling match is uncanny.

I am making this all up as I go. I don’t think you’ll ever mistake me for a mom who has it all together, but if for some reason you do, there’s a good chance I forgot to feed my kids lunch today. And there’s an even higher chance I locked myself in my room to watch trash TV while they starved. So be unimpressed.

In the culture of perfection that moms today must wade through, I hope you find this little corner of the Internet a place where you can breathe. I hope my words and my heart behind my words bring you a lot of relief and a little bit of joy in your journey of raising your precious children.

Thank you for being the best part of my writing!
– Sarah Williams

P.S. I am now was a Huffington Post contributor. The powers that be agreed with me that the internet is too noisy and shut down guest contributors. I hadn’t written in two years, so I am zero percent sad about that.

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