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Hi friends,

When I post on Facebook, people sometimes will say, “You should write a book.”

Surprise! I already did.

Screen Shot 2020-02-09 at 11.50.52 PM

I wrote this book several years and one child ago. I actually wrote it in one month, as a challenge that year to do something hard every month. Until that point, my life had been pretty easy, and I wanted to challenge myself to grow. Famous last words.

In the years that followed, my husband and I went through it: we closed our small business, moved halfway across the country without jobs, couldn’t find work for much longer than expected, unexpectedly got pregnant, our sweet girl was born two months early (she’s great now!), my dad passed away after battling cancer. All in two years, with five kids.

I took a long break from writing because I just wasn’t in a place to do so.

While this book is still available, I have never gone back to read it. On the other side of a lot of heartache and personal growth, I am a much different person. I imagine the words still stand, but from a writing perspective, finishing a book in one month probably isn’t the best idea.

But it’s there. And you can read it on the cheap. (That terrible sales pitch is why I could never actually be in sales.) 

About the book: 

Cupcakes On A Tuesday: Sweet Relief for the Early Years of Motherhood is a light-hearted and honest depiction of the reality of the early years of raising kids.

Having birthed four children during the height of the Mommy Wars and raising them in The Culture of Perfection, I know what it’s like to fumble through the early years of motherhood, wondering if I am doing a good enough job. In this book, I share some of my mishaps and lessons I learned the hard way!

Unlike many parenting books that only serve to highlight your failures as a mom, Cupcakes On A Tuesday will hopefully bring you relief in this adventure of raising children.

You don’t need to read my book for me to know that you are doing a better job than you think, mama…but it will surely give you some laughs and camaraderie in your journey!

3 thoughts on “Check Out My Book

  1. Can’t get this book any where! Help!! Only found it on Kindle (I have NOOK) but that isn’t even available. I’d love to purchase this wonderfully funny & reassuring book for my daughter. I must be missing something. Help!!


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