Things I Love

Things I love and love to share:

I am a Noonday Collection Ambassador. The products are absolutely gorgeous, but more importantly, Noonday employs women from around the world. I love that I can join together with a sweet mama on the other side of the world…we are both trying to love our families well. I would love for you to check out Noonday!

My friend, Chrissy, owns the cutest fashion boutique called Eth’tique, and I am obsessed. All of her clothing and accessories are Certified Fair Trade and/or made right here in the USA. Using your purchasing power to support companies who pay their employees fairly and do not have any child labor is a win-win! You get super cute clothes, and people around the world get paid what they should!

My book: Cupcakes On A Tuesday: Sweet Relief for the Early Years of Motherhood.

If you’re local to South FL and like to work out more than me, my husband owns an amazing gym. Check out Apex Sports and Fitness today!

I listen to podcasts while cleaning my kitchen each night. I learn so much and have a few favorites (all available in iTunes):
Sorta Awesome
Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey
The Mystery Show
This American Life

Fair Trade Friday and Mercy House Kenya I absolutely love and believe in the work they’re doing.  Rescuing at-risk pregnant girls in Africa and empowering artisans all over the world….two things that are just amazing!

Compassion International Who can resist local people alleviating poverty? The work Compassion does is legit and life changing.



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